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Get Well 2.0

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A couple of days ago friend and fellow blogger Greyhawk68 wrote about how great it was to receive birthday wishes all day from his friends on Facebook and Twitter. He called it Birthday 2.0. On the same day while I was all by myself at the hospital waiting for my wife's surgery to end (seemed like two eternities) I had one of the most amazing demonstrations of friendship. A whole bunch of you who had an eye on twitter at the time never stopped sending me support messages. Some who I've already met in person and others whom I know only from reading blogs and forums over the last 15 years. To all of you who sent encouraging and get well messages thank you for never letting me feel alone, thank you for this Get Well 2.0.

We are now back home and my wife is making a good recovery, it wasn't one of the bad ones.

She says thanks for all the tweets, whatever that means.