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Impossible is nothing

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Impossible is nothing. This was just proved again by Paul, Eileen, Bill, Warren, Kitty, Duffbert, Rob, Matt, Julian, Coatsie, the missing element and everyone who ended up helping at ILUG2008 in any way, shape or form.

Don't y'all think I just woke up from an almost two week long hang over. I've just been travelling around a lot and this post was long overdue.

The dedication and professionalism of all the people involved in organizing this event is just amazing, they keep outdoing themselves every time. They make it seem effortless, but it really isn't.

The venue was an improvement from last year's, providing better and more rooms and a much better sponsor area. One thing I noticed was that the people in the booths were also more in tune with the conference style this time. A big thank you to all the sponsors for making it possible.

Regarding the speakers, most of the usual suspects where there and there were also some first time presenters like Matt White, Ben Poole, Mark Myers and Eileen who did a great job and which I hope to be able to see presenting again.

Paul said in the opening session that all the organizing and preparation work had been done and it was then up to the attendees to make it a memorable 'user group meeting' and I think I can say we succeeded. Thank you all for coming, sharing your experiences and making it indeed a great event. It was great to see again some of the people I met last year and to finally meet some others in person like Simon Scullion, Theo Heselmans, Steve McDonagh, Stuart McIntyre, Ulrich Krause and dozens of others who I had the chance to talk to, have beer with or share a meal.

Once again thank you green shirt brigade, sponsors and attendees. Hope we can all do it again next year.