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Triangulation my a**

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Google announced they're are adding a 'My location' feature to their Google Maps for Mobile application that does not require GPS. I wonder what took them so long.
This is a pretty simple thing to do, the app reads the antenna and cell id to which the phone is connected to and then matches the information to a database they created which contains antenna/cell id and geolocation information and gives you an approximate location.

This is what they said in their own words: 'We're creating a database of cell tower locations and that database is built from people using Google Maps for Mobile'.

And this is what everybody is reading and blogging: The new feature uses some kind o triangulation magic and does some complex math equation to tell you what your position is.

Did anybody actually read the press release before writing about it?
There is no triangulation and no math here, just searching a database with a key. Pretty simple right?