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The death of F1

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No, not your help key.
This is not your regular tech post, this is about motorsports.

I'm a big fan of Formula One since I can remember. For the past few years I've been fearing the death of what use to be a great sport, due to it's lack of competitiveness derived mostly from bad regulation decisions. Right now I just wish it does die a fast death. The FIA World Council for Sports ruled today that McLaren team would be fined 100 million dollars and have their championship team points deleted over an espionage scandal. They were found in possession of Ferrari specs and R&D data. In F1, as in most of the other motorsports, the are two scoreboards, one for teams and one for drivers. The funny thing about all this is that the council decided that the team had benefited from the espionage but not the drivers, so they get to keep their points. Does this sound weird to anyone, or is it just me?

I sincerely hope the sponsors pull the plug on this fast.