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Screen capture on steroids

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For the past few days I've been testing Bruce Elgort's new project Idea Exchange. Last Friday I told Bruce I had found some minor UI glitches but it would be a little difficult to explain what was happening so I told him I was going to try to screen capture it. There are a number of tools I could use to get the job done but I would not be able to post the result to the web site as it only allows for small pictures and would have to email it to Bruce. Well, Dwight Wilbanks, who is also helping with the tests beat me to best solution. He is using JingProject, a project from the same guys who did Camtasia. It lets you capture a screen or make a movie of your screen and store it on their webserver leaving you with a URL you can send by email, IM or post where ever you want.

Here's an example of what Dwight did to explain his problem: link

According to TechSmith this is still a proof of concept as they are trying to get a pulse and build a business model around it. While they are at it the service will be free.